Pulse Club shooter’s wife arrested in San Francisco area

Orlando Pulse police photo
Orlando Pulse police photo

Noor Salman, the wife of the man who committed the deadliest mass shooting in US history, has been arrested by federal authorities. She faces federal charges that include obstruction of justice as well as helping her husband support ISIS.

Her husband was shot and killed by police after killing 49 people and injuring more than 50 others at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub in June. Salman, who had married the gunman in 2011, has always claimed she didn’t know what her husband was up the night of June 12. She has since been under scrutiny by law enforcement officials since giving conflicting accounts about her husband’s intentions. At one point, she told the FBI her husband wanted to carry out a jihadist attack though she continued denying any knowledge of his plans.

It is believed by law enforcement that Salman was not coerced by an abusive spouse as she initially claimed but in full control of her own will. She is accused of taking steps to help obstruct the investigation into the shooting.

“I am glad to see that (the shooter’s) wife has been charged with aiding her husband in the commission of the brutal attack on the Pulse nightclub,” said Orlando police Chief John Mina. “Federal authorities have been working tirelessly on this case for more than seven months, and we are grateful that they have seen to it that some measure of justice will be served in this act of terror that has affected our community so deeply.”

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