Stay focused, diligent and be proactive

Out In Jersey magazine publisher Peter Frycki
Out In Jersey magazine publisher Peter Frycki
Publisher’s letter

The long election cycle has ended. But it is not a result that LGBTs expect to be happy with. Progressive activists and organizations are second guessing, what could have made a difference. I am sure that you have been second guessing too. But it is over.

Voters nationwide have brought us a new trumped up version of the Republican party. It is led by our newly elected president. Out In Jersey believes voters made the wrong choice. Only time will tell for sure. There have been only a few times in recent U.S. history where one political party held on to the White House for more than eight years. And it did not happen this time.

We must move forward together as an LGBT community and be vigilant and do everything we can to protect our recently gained civil rights and equality. Countless thousands have fought for more than a generation to attain full equality for LGBTs and it was almost within our grasp. We could see and feel it, but alas it may have slipped away.

Stay focused, diligent, proactive, and attuned to every nuance in Washington and here in New Jersey. Circling the wagons to protect our gains of the last eight years seems prudent and necessary to continue our journey toward full equality for all the people.

Locally, there was a bright spot. New Jersey’s anti-gay Republican Congressman, Scott Garrett, was defeated by Democrat Josh Gottheimer. There is now only one anti-gay Congressman from New Jersey.

Chris Smith is a Republican representing the 4th Congressional District in Central New Jersey and Garden State Equality has already begun the groundwork to attempt to defeat Smith the next time around. As a community we need to do everything we can here in New Jersey to assist GSE in making that happen.

All the best for a Happy Holiday and New Year!