Princeton group puts more money into California Anti-gay ballot measure


Princeton Group Donates Almost A Million To California Campaign Against Same Sex Marriage
An organization founded by Princeton Professor Robert George and many others has been identified as a major donor to the anti-gay  “Yes On 8” campaign.  Proposition 8 will amend the California state constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage. After the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign released its  report of the money raised and spent during the previous 4 months, Californians Against Hate posted all its donor’s names, cities, business affiliations (when available) and contributions of over $5,000 on its web site’s Dishonor Roll:
Since it last posted the names and dollar amounts on the Dishonor Roll in early September, there have been an additional 629 donors of $5,000 and more. The top 12 include The Knights of Columbus, out of New Haven, CT which gave $1,275,000 to end marriage equality in California.  They are followed closely by the National Organization for Marriage located in Princeton, which gave $941,134.80.