“Princess Cyd” is a bit of art, and a fresh perspective

Princess Cyd – Wolfe Video release on Netflix 

Fire up your Netflix account and fire up Princess Cyd. Recently released, and a perfect choice for the Memorial Day Weekend, Pride month, or any time you feel like enjoying a bit of art, and a fresh perspective. This delightful film gives a rare glimpse into a young woman’s experience. The film catches the moments when the world opens up, and we see it in ways we never thought possible. Awareness expands and every aspect of life is related and synchronicity is everywhere.

The movie opens with a 9-1-1 call where a tragedy has happened. There are two people dead. A small child in the apartment has slept through it. When we meet Cyd Loughlin (Jessie Pinnick) next, she visits her aunt Miranda Ruth (Rebecca Spence), a celebrated author whom to Cyd is just her aunt. Cyd is 16 when we meet her. She’s at that coltish point in a young woman’s life, when she stands astride the nascent divide between the girl she was, and the woman she will be.

Cyd has feet of clay — Miranda is an author and Cyd is not a big reader. Then, she begins to see her aunt as Miranda’s friends see her, and as her readers see her. She realizes she is a visionary, a seeker, and a woman who knows exactly what she’s about, even if she’s not always certain about the course she should take. Truly, we are all in the process of becoming. We are all astride that line.

Cyd is also at the tipping point where she wants to experience it all. Taste what there is to taste. Feel what there is to feel. This fortnight will be the first few days of the rest of her life. When she gets lost on her first day there, Katie (Malic White) comes to her emotional rescue, and chemistry speaks even when there are no words.

Lovers of words, reading and books will see their love mirrored. And the soiree that Miranda hosts are replete with temptations gustatory, auditory, and, well, one never kisses and tells.

Netflix is featuring this Wolfe Video Princess Cyd now, so put it on your streaming, and steaming, list. Chemistry speaks.