Pride at Work reacts to latest Supreme Court ruling


Pride at Work logoThe Supreme Court voted 4-4 this week to uphold a decades -old ruling that threatened the continued viability of unions for workers in public sector jobs. Pride at Work said this decision will protect the rights of working people and their families.” This outcome is particularly important for LGBT working people, who are disproportionately affected by workplace discrimination.”

Pride at Work reminds us that many LGBT workers do not have legal protections in more than half the country. Pride at Work Executive Director, Jerame Davis, elaborated on the ruling and said, “This ruling by the Supreme Court upholds more than four decades of precedence in labor law and we are relieved the legal attacks on labor unions have been momentarily stalled by this ruling. Every working person in the public sector – schools, government offices, police, firefighters, etc. – can breathe a sigh of relief that this case has ended and their unions remain strong. For LGBTQ public sector working folks, this ensures that even in states without laws protecting LGBTQ people in the workplace, a strong union contract is still a viable option to gain those protections.”

A split ruling in the Supreme Court means this question hasn’t been settled by the Court and the plaintiffs have already indicated they plan to refile the case. Corporate interests said they will not rest until they’ve suceedede in damaging a unions ability to come together and speak with one voice for workers. 

“Pride at Work will continue to stand with our union family and push back against these attacks on our rights. The fight to protect our jobs and our families isn’t over, but together, we can – and will – win.”

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