If John  Woo wanted an edgier, more urban storyline for his next action flick, he’d look no further than the brothers whose alleged cat-burglary spree whizzed around the internet in March faster than a dancing-baby video. The chiseled Jersey-native twins whose collective repertoires include:  gymnast, karate expert, print and runway model, actor, ‘alleged’ drug dealer, and – drum roll, cue Mission Impossible theme music – porn star.  

If that doesn’t get your gay loins aquiver, imagine David Cronenberg wanted to do an edgier… Well, no, you can’t get edgier than his psychological masterpiece Dead Ringers, where Jeremy Irons played twin doctors with the ‘strangest’ relationship. But the story of the Goffney brothers is certainly more urban, and tailor-made for Cronenberg’s ability to make us squirm while inching closer to the screen.