“Pose” star Jason Rodriguez forms a new talent agency

Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez

Pose star Jason Rodriguez is partnering with his longtime manager Ricardo Sebastián to form a new talent agency with a mission to elevate BIPOC, queer and trans creative talent. 

Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez

Pose is FX’s 1990s-set ballroom scene culture family drama with a majority BIPOC LGBTQ cast. 

I noticed that there isn’t enough LGBTQ representation in the entertainment industry. Is that what inspired you to create Arraygency? 

Jason Rodriguez: As co-founders, we each had our own journey that led us to working together in 2019. We both care about increasing representation of and access to our communities, this is ultimately the foundation of Arraygency. 

What was the process like creating your own entertainment agency? How long of a process was it?  

JR: We’re not defining ourselves as an entertainment agency. Arraygency is where BIPOC, Queer and Trans creatives can access opportunities, professional and creative development, and ultimately be themselves. We first discussed an agency concept in 2019 and spent the last couple of years developing our business model, cultivating relationships, and then decided this was the year to launch. It’s been an amazing experience. 

What does representation mean to you? 

JR: Representation means all BIPOC, Queer, and Trans are not only part of the creative process but also getting paid fair rates for the work we all do. 

Can you discuss your experience starting on Pose for three seasons? As a queer BIPOC individual, it was nice for me to see so many people of color be given the opportunity to showcase their talent in an authentic way.

JR: My experience on Pose was both life-changing and prepared me for my next steps in life. I was grateful for the opportunity to work on such a platform, to make history, and work with such incredible individuals. Not only work with them but learn from their crafts both on and off lens. Being in this space filled with queer & trans BIPOC folks helped me realize we need more spaces like this which was a factor in creating Arraygency.    

How did you get started acting? 

JR: Goodness! In High School! I went to an all boys catholic high school, joined the Drama Club and played the female roles most of the time. From Lady Macbeth to Hermia year by year. I paused on it after being declined from a Conservatory of Acting which led me to dance. But here I am again in this craft, and I’m definitely sticking to it this time around. 

Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez

Will you be hands-on in the selection process for prospective clients, or will you let casting directors and other staff take on more of the hands-on responsibility? 

JR: We’re all hands on deck right now. As co-founders and business partners, we’re participating in all aspects of the business. We are growing our team and engaging our industry peers to create more opportunities. 

Will Arraygency be hosting open casting calls? (Virtual and in-person) 

JR: For now, our open call is fully virtual. Talent can awk-submit on our website 24/7. We review all submissions the last week of the month, and we keep everyone on file in case any opportunities come up that align with someone who had self submitted. 

What does the future of Arraygency look like to you? Where are you hoping to be in, say, five to ten years’ time? 

JR: We’ll have a global team and talent, office and studio space, we’ll be producing our own original content, and we’ll be considered an industry leader. 

What do you have to say to the younger LGBTQ actors and actresses who are out here grinding and going to casting and haven’t found their big break yet? Can you provide some words of inspiration? 

JR: Always remember that talent is subjective. Never give up just because someone doesn’t believe in you. Instead, focus on refining your craft and keep moving forward.   

The new company, Arraygency, will be based in New York City. It is now accepting submissions for representation.

To find out more about Arraygency, visit their website and social media handles.

arraygency.com, Instagram: array.gency