Playwrights Theater opens with “Our Dad is in Atlantis”


New show is a a tale of two brothers

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Two brothers, one 11 years old, the other 8 years old have one another, but very little else.  Their mother is dead, their father is dropping them off to live with his mother while he goes to the US to make money so they may join him.  But something has gone seriously awry.

Playwright’s Theatre in Madison, NJ opens its new season of Plays Without Borders with “Our Dad is in Atlantis” by acclaimed playwright Javier Malpica.  The season will span the globe beginning with Mexico, progressing to Israel and thence back home to Maine, with subscriptions still available.

Carlos Ibarra and Ephraim Lopez are masterful in portraying the brothers who are much, much younger that the actors themselves.