Photography Show Honoring Queer Courage is a Hit In Jersey City



Artist, writer and activist, Alina Oswald is a treasured member of the Out In Jersey staff. Her dramatic photography exhibit honoring the courage of stand-out members of the LGBT community enriched the summer in Jersey City. Those who missed it can catch up with her work by visiting her website.

In discussing her work with Out In Jersey, Alina told us the following about her inspiration and aspirations:
In April 1986, I attended my first AIDS conference in Europe, where I was living at the time. The event marked what I call today my “chasing rainbows” experience. 

Many years later, and on this side of the Atlantic, I had the chance to build a career based on that event—I started covering HIV/AIDS- and LGBT-related topics as a writer and a photographer. And so, while continuing to chase rainbows (goals), I discovered a community that adopted me and changed my life in the most significant ways.