Just WOWed by POPS!

Philly Pops Christmas Concert
Philly Pops Christmas Concert. photos credit: Bachrach Photo

I had the opportunity to see A Philly POPS Christmas this week and I’m so happy to tell you there are several more shows that you can attend!  Honestly, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be far from joyous with all the crowds and stress of preparation, but this was truly a respite.  Just to sit in the beautiful Kimmel Verizon Hall and be surrounded by the glorious sounds of Christmas was all my heart needed to warm up and embrace the upcoming season.  

Philly Pops Christmas Concert
Philly Pops Christmas Concert was a WOW! All photos by Bachrach Photo.

Every type of music was represented including classic Christmas songs sung by the POPS Festival Choir and the Philadelphia Boys Choir to solos sung by Tony DeSare and SANTA!  Vibrant gospels performed by the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas, which raised the roof and got everyone clapping along, to instrumentals by the Philadelphia POPS Orchestra skillfully conducted by Michael Krajewski!  Not to mention the largest concert hall organ in America being played by Philadelphia’s own Peter Conte, of Wanamaker Macys fame!

You’ll laugh, you’ll reminisce, you’ll probably get goose bumps and may even get a tear in your eye but what you shouldn’t do is miss this show!  It will help heal your heart and soul and make your spirit take flight!

A Philly POPS Christmas is performing until December 18th with matinee and evening shows.

Philly POPs

Kimmel Center Verizon Hall

Tony DeSare

Michael Krajewski

African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas