“Petit Mal” is a film that puts love to the test

Fireside scene from the movie
A scene from the movie "Petit Mal."

The new, fiery romantic drama, Petit Mal is a Columbian film exploring the way a romantic polyamorous relationship is tested through time, extended distance, and the unexpected in an honest way. Martina, Laia, and Anto are in a lesbian throuple with deep connections, but those connections are put to the test as we watch this throuple’s journey evolve over time.

The film unfolds and reveals the women’s unique and vibrant personalities. Seeing them through their complexities brings about feelings of heartbreak that begins once Laia leaves the throuple, and their shared home, to go on a trip.

Some of the scenes featured powerful emotional elements that beautifully portrayed the pain of separation and how being apart from the ones you love can, at times, bring about unbearable sorrow. The sadness that comes through onto the screen in these scenes will pull you into the heart of the character in a beautiful yet sometimes painful way.

When Laia leaves, Martina and Anto feel like a part of their heart is being ripped out. The director, Ruth Caudeli, does a good job at making the viewer feel the pain that these characters are experiencing. The saddest scenes without Laia are shot in black and white and add a layer of depth to the film. The emotions of joy and happiness that fill the beginning of the film are gone. The feeling of loss sets in for Martina and Anto in a tangible way. The black and white cinematography style is clever and well used.

While their heartbreak was at the center of this film, romance also filled the air too. Witnessing the love and bond between Martina and Anto was healing to watch. The power of their love overcomes the feeling of loneliness they once experienced.

Petit Mal is a story that explores important topics such as loneliness, heartbreak, and the difficulties of love in conflict that has the strength to carry on. The romantic drama portrayed in this film was well executed with great acting and realistic storytelling.

Anyone interested in watching a good artistic foreign film with timely messages should give it a watch. 4/5 stars.

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