Pet ResQ is always there for pets in need

Bonita is a Japanese Chin/Poodle mix
Bonita is a Japanese Chin/Poodle mix

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When Hurricane Katrina barreled through Louisiana, Pet ResQ was there. They were rescuing dogs and helping people alike. The team of rescuers gave people water and pet food and gave dogs a home. When elders pass away in their homes, Pet ResQ notifies law enforcement and rescues the dogs that are left behind.

Pet ResQ founder Robyn Urman believes in quality over quantity. The not-for-profit rescue is all volunteer and foster-based, located on 24 W. Railroad Avenue in Tenafly. The rescue focuses on rehabilitating small dogs and puppies neglected, abused, or disabled. Once rehabilitated the dogs go to fosters where they are vetted, re-homed, and groomed, according to the rescue’s website.

The rescue rescues without prejudice and works with their community to maintain the best possible care available. “We used to fill up our trucks and drive up and down every street and see what people needed,” Urman said. She recalls giving a person a gallon of water and a bag of Pedigree while helping survivors in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Today, Urman fundraises a little bit every day to keep her rescue running. She rescues older dogs, disabled dogs, and dogs with health issues. “I’m not a puppy person,” she said. Puppies do nothing for Urman. She would rather take in a mother dog instead of their litter; she takes the dog hit by a car, the pets who are unwanted, ignored, left to perish.

Bonita is a Japanese Chin/Poodle mix

“During Covid, actually, I was able to find a lot of like-minded people,” Urman said. She helps out at the DuMont Senior Center in Dumont. Pet ResQ has a mission to help those in need. At times, the rescue helps people who struggle to care for themselves or their children and pets.

In 2020 the American Journal of Emergency Medicine recorded a 25-33% increase in global domestic abuse. Pet ResQ has been a witness to this increase and has since been taking in pets until mothers with children can find balance. “For kids and for women, they have no place to go, so I’ve always been the one that takes the dog, the cat, whatever until we can get these ladies back on their feet,” Urman said.

For Urman it’s not about money, it’s about harm reduction. “That’s what an animal advocate does,” she said.

In 2020 Pet Rescue was awarded “Best of 2020” by the Tenafly Award program for Animal Rescue Service.

The rescue is in desperate need of a safe vehicle to better help their community. You can donate to Pet ResQ via their website or find them on Facebook.

Meet Bonita:

This is Bonita. She is a Japanese Chin/Poodle mix. She is five years old and very sweet. She was rescued from a hoarding situation with several others. Bonita would love to have a home of her own with a fenced-in yard. She is quiet, paper trained, microchipped, and up to date on her vaccines. Bonita gets along well with other dogs.

Meet Macho:

Macho is one of 15 Japenese Chins at Pet ResQ

Meet Macho. He is one of 15 Japanese Chins we were able to rescue from a single home. With time this beautiful boy has blossomed. He is lovely with a quirky personality. He is about eight years old, microchipped, neutered, and up to date on his vaccines. He does have a minor heart condition which responds beautifully to medication. He is housetrained, good with other dogs, and a cuddle machine.

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