Perth Amboy Animal Shelter has a cute cat for you

Rachel the cat

Nestled in the heart of Central Jersey, Perth Amboy Animal Shelter has a wide variety of animals looking for homes. This shelter is special as they offer a TNR program for their cats.

Shelter staff member Joe explains that TNR is very helpful in helping to keep the cat population under control. The process ends up neutering the ones they get to their shelter and ends the breeding cycle, so no new cats are added to that particular colony. This process is a very helpful service they do for the city of Perth Amboy because there is an overpopulation problem.

I asked Joe why cats make such good companions. He said they are less of a commitment compared to some other pets. He also said they are such curious creatures. They may always be getting into stuff, but you cannot help but love them. They are also fun to watch with their unique playful energy. The shelter also noted that a lot of people do not want older cats. The elderly ones deserve homes too. For people who have prior cat experience these adult cats can be great additions to your life.

With around 40 animals in need of homes right now, the Perth Amboy animal shelter is a wonderful municipal organization worth checking out. The shelter has a truly great program in place for the cats, which shows they are an organization that strives for excellence. It is also important to note this shelter has to accept all abused animals. This means there are many pets right now in need of some love and care as your new furry friend.


Cliff the cat

Cliff is a young, short-haired orange tabby. He is pretty vocal and once he comes out of his shell, he is for sure to love you dearly. All of his vaccinations are up to date as well. With his beautiful orange fur coat and adorable face, he is looking for a safe home to become your new furry companion.


Rachel is a domestic short-haired beautiful young lady. She is very shy and has not had much luck on her journey to finding a loving forever family. She is hoping to find a loving companion soon that will take cute care of her sweet and soft nature. With such a beautiful mix of orange and white fur colors, she could be such a great addition to your life!