Out Photo Showcase: LGBTQ Pride Edition

Rainbow flag unfurled at Jersey Pride 2019 in Asbury Park taken by Alasia James
Photo from Jersey Pride 2019 in Asbury Park taken by Alasia James

Find out how you can be a Photo Showcase winner in our summer “smiles” contest

Happy Pride month and welcome to the Pride edition of Out Photo Showcase. This month’s special photo challenge asked image makers to capture the meaning of Pride in up to six photographs. 

The photo entries we’ve received reached us from all around the world and captured diverse, unique, as well as more familiar visuals of Pride, as a reminder that Pride is celebrated not only in the Garden State or the U.S., but also in many countries around the world. 

Next Issue’s Theme: “Smiles Down the Shore.” Enter your photos before June 12! Instructions for contest entry below!

Award winning author, Hans M. Hirschi, won this month with his photo with his son.

This month’s winning entry comes from across the pond and is by Hans M. Hirschi. Hirschi is originally from Switzerland but is now living in Sweden with his husband and son. Hirschi is internationally known as the author of novels such as The Opera House, Matt, Spanish Bay, and his latest, Michel: Fallen Angel of Paris.

Hirschi is also an avid world traveler, an explorer if you will, documenting his journeys in memorable images. His interest in imagery started years ago when he asked his family for a Super 8 camera as a confirmation present. Then, years later, he and his brother received yet another present from their mother — a first generation, fully digital camera.

Still pondering on the memory, Hirschi said, “And then came the iPhone. For some reason, I still have some really bad photos from that first year [of using the iPhone], but we loved it because, suddenly, [we] always had [our] camera with [us], and it enabled [us] to capture pictures everywhere [we]’d go. I travel a lot [and] I like to take pictures as memories. I think especially family pictures hold special value to me.”  

Hans M. Hirschi photo
Hans M. Hirschi photo #2 submitted in the contest.

And he also believes that LGBTQ family portraits uniquely capture the meaning of Pride, hence his decision to submit a few images to this month’s photo contest.

“I saw your prompt [posted online], and I figured, a lot of people would probably submit [images of] rainbow color[s] or marching in a Parade or, you know, what we traditionally think of [Pride]. But, for me, Pride is so much more,” he said. 

His two images featured in this month’s photo contest speak to that. They capture two candid family portraits showing the author’s father and son interacting, smiling, and having fun, while learning from each other.

They represent not only an intergenerational bridge — and, with that, how far we’ve come in the fight for equal rights — but also remind us of the road that still lies ahead. Hence, the two images send a unique, subtle, reality-based message worth considering as we celebrate Pride this month.  

Find out more about Hans M. Hirschi at: hirschi.se

Susanne Terito submitted "Pride
Susanne Terito submitted “Pride” in the contest last issue.

For this month’s photo challenge, we’ll keep it simple. That is: Show us your summer smiles down the Jersey Shore in one, two or three images.

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DEADLINE: JUNE 12, 2022. NUMBER OF IMAGES: 1 – 3 images

IMAGE REQUIREMENTS: image file size should be between 1 MB and 3 MB. For each image, please include a title and caption. NO restrictions on image retouching and/or composition. NO restrictions on cameras used to capture the images. IMPORTANT NOTE: The submitted photos must be captured by the entrants and must not infringe upon the trademark, copyright, moral rights, intellectual rights, or rights of privacy of any entity or person. SUBMIT your images as email attachments to: alinaoswald@outinjersey.net. Winning entrants will be contacted by email, no later than JUNE 12, 2022. Winning entries and interviews with the winning entrants will be published in Out In Jersey magazine.