OUT OF THE BROOMCLOSET – Into the looking glass


On the surface, the casual observer would not connect the magic mirror on a fairytale wall, and a storefront advisor who will part the veils of the future, in an orb, while fleecing you, but it’s all scrying my dears, a traditional method of seeing far and away, or within. As a method of divination, you may utilize any shiny surface which might strike your fancy, as simple or complex as you like.  See, it all fits together.

Well, not any surface. For maximum utility, you want to choose an item which has some apparent depth, so you may gaze in through the surface, not on it: a deep lake, rather than a side view mirror with the sun bouncing off it. Old looking glasses are quite thick, and have a less reflective background. A plain glass, painted with black enamel works quite well, as would a deep black bowl filled with water, oil, or ink.  One favored method during the Renaissance was to look on the oiled thumbnail of an uncorrupted young man, a sure guarantee of seeing angels (as well as stars and your savings waving goodbye).