OUT MUSIC – Tom Goss – Rise


Rise high above the run-of-the mill indie music to Rise, the latest EP from singer songwriter Tom Goss. Rise is quickly eclipsing his previous musical effort Naked Without. As a fan recently posted on a recent blog, “The title song is amazing, an anthem to the human spirit, well-written and -sung.” This reviewer could not agree more.

Goss grew up in Wisconsin where he spent his childhood in the gym with his gymnast parents and brothers. He took up wrestling in junior high, which he feels was a serious outlet for teenage aggression. He continued wrestling through college. While in college pursuing gymnastics, a teaching degree and wrestling, Tom felt a strong spiritual calling that  lead him to join a seminary, to study to become a Catholic priest. “I left the seminary amidst scandals. I just had enough of it at one point.” Goss said, “I’m not a quiet guy so when I left, I left rather loudly.” For the most part, Goss is a self-taught musician and his many experiences are conveyed powerfully in his songwriting.