Out in Jersey dot Net – one year on


Updated site has increased its web traffic ten fold

When I first started to help out part time for the Out In Jersey magazine website it was the print magazine’s starved evil twin. The websites mission seemed unclear. It bordered on being just a teaser for the print magazine. There was support for improvement, but the updates just kept falling into the “not enough time” or “too hard to do now” bucket.

Since I worked at Intel Corp as an architect I knew that the key to success for a website was creating an experience that was both informative, fun and appealing. It also needed to be easily extended and updated. So last February, finally free of Corporate America and starting semi-retirement, I set out to reconnect with my software background and create a new Out In Jersey website. My goal was to make OutInJersey.Net a Web 2.0 style community site and of course the most popular site in NJ! Web 2.0 refers to the new approach to web interaction which promotes sites rich in multimedia on a platform that is constantly updated or commented on by many people.