Opposition to gay marriage baseless and desperate


Out In Jersey Editor Toby GracePublished as an op-ed in the Trenton Times, Friday, January 09, 2009

In the opinion article “Pass marriage amendment” (The Times, Dec. 15, 2008), Len Deo, president of the New Jersey Family Policy Council, presents the full range of archconservative arguments against same-sex marriage. For good measure, he throws in a diatribe against hate-crime laws, as well. The “facts” he presents are culled from carefully selected, right-wing sources and are not to be taken at face value.

Mr. Deo writes, “Protecting one-man, one-woman relationships is about preserving the healthiest, ideal relationship for individuals to strive to attain … .” There is a thinly disguised arrogance in that statement. It should be obvious to anyone that one-man, one-woman relationships are anything but healthy and ideal when one partner is in fact homosexual by nature. The ground is littered with broken hearts caused by those who have attempted to force themselves into a relationship they thought was socially or religiously approved but that ignored their true desires.