Opera Philadelphia is back with Oedipus Rex + Lilacs

Woman signing with an orchestra in background
Oedipus Rex + Lilacs photo by Dominic M. Mercier

Oedipus Rex + Lilacs concert in Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center

Orchestra playing
Oedipus Rex + Lilacs photo by Dominic M. Mercier

Did you know you could walk around the earth two times in 720 days?

This is how long it has been since Opera Philadelphia had a Live performance indoors!

The clock on this hiatus stopped on Friday, January 21st, with their Oedipus Rex + Lilacs concert in Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center. On the second day of the performance, the excitement in the building was palpable.

Covid protocols were strictly enforced, showing ID, proof of vaccination status, and wearing a mask. The smiles under those masks that showed in the eyes of those attending told everyone how happy they were to be there to see a show in person. The concert was originally scheduled a year ago, in January of 2021.

The amazing cast of singers, some in their belated debut, was supported by the Philadelphia Opera orchestra and chorus. It was nothing short of thrilling to hear the music soar around Version Hall like a warm blanket on that winter afternoon.

The audience seemed especially hushed in between pieces. No clearing of throat or seat adjustments, and like no one wanted to wake anyone up in case this was a glorious dream.

This spring, the Philadelphia Opera Company is planning its return to the Academy of Arts for Rigoletto.


Alyx Reinhardt
Alyx Reinhardt is an opera singer, avid adventurer, and metal detectorist. Her travels around the world have resulted in an open mind and heart. In addition to performing, she enjoys attending opera, concerts, and theatre productions. She’s lived on three continents and, happily, landed in New Jersey.