“One of These Days” is an impactful drama that examines the systemic inequality of America

Promo for the movie "One of these Days"
Promo for the movie "One of these Days"

The inequality of wealth ultimately has a damaging effect on people throughout our country. One of These Days is a film that exposes how the economic hardships that some face can take a damaging toll on their psyche. The American dream is longed for by many people but unfortunately for many individuals in certain areas of the country or of specific minority groups, it is not something that is so easy to achieve.

When a car dealership puts on an endurance event to win a free truck, it gains buzz around a small Texas town. Several people join and the winner is whoever stays standing the longest with their hands never leaving the side of the vehicle. The story then takes a much darker turn when one of the contestants is struggling to reconcile with some hard realizations.

The movie One of These Days does an excellent job at showing how the pressures of not having fair opportunities really can hurt people. It is truly a thought provoking film that pulls you in to see that reality which those whom have less advantages face.

The main character Kyle was one of the highlights of the movie. You are pulled into his character in an empathetic way. Actor Joe Cole did an excellent job at giving a sincere perspective of how it feels to be an American that is not given equal chances and who faces discrimination. Another standout was the character of Carrie. She is one of the organizers of the contest and it is really impactful to see the transition her character goes through in the film.

The cinematography was also done very well here. It really pulls you into its setting of a rural small town. The film storyline does a good job at showing the imperfections of our country in a way that is honest.

It does take some time for the story to get interesting, at about an hour in to the story. After that, One of These Days becomes a truly compelling movie and the honest fact of the inequality being shown ends up leaving a mark.

Despite featuring a slow first half, One of These Days is an important movie. It shows the harsher reality of America that unfortunately truly exists and lets us know there is still work to be done to ensure fair opportunities for all. The film shows us it is time to step up and make change for the greater good. 4/5 stars