Oil up boy’s and girls, it’s winter time!


Out Health and Fitness

So by now we all know that anything in excess is bad for you. Too much booze, you become an alcoholic or the new Courtney Love. Too many drugs and suddenly, Farrah Fawcett becomes your pharmacist. You eat too much and Sally Struthers starts asking you for 70 cents a day and finally, if you have too many sexual partners, even Tara Reid may not be your friend, simply because you’re draining her options.

However, in winter, doing things in excess almost becomes natural. It is a fact that winter causes depression in people. Cigarette and alcohol sales spike. Plus, people tend to eat more in winter, just to work it off in the spring. But I may have one option to help alleviate your winter time blues: a tanning bed… Hear me out!