Off-Off Broadway’s Finest


The Castillo Theatre celebrates 25 years with its Young Playwrights Festival

On West 42nd St. as part of the All Stars Project of NY (ASP of NY), the Castillo presented a series of new political plays in celebration of 25 years of performance activism. I got a chance to review two of the series.

The first — Coming of Age, by William Santos, depicting a poverty stricken black family struggling with generational conflicts to say the least. As the 17 year-old central character prepares to emancipate himself from the family — consisting of his mother, grandmother and wayward sister — he lets us in on the fact that he’s gay and HIV positive. ‘Bill’ is played with a mix of whimsy and empathy by Kevin Drouillard in an outstanding first appearance at Castillo — one particular example is where he and his sister play a game called ‘Talk Show’, which is alternately hilarious and poignant.