“Of an Age” is a beautiful romantic drama that shows the beauty of being in the now

The DVD cover of
The DVD cover of "Of An Age"

A lot of romantic dramas focus on the beauty of first love and heartbreak, as well as fully embracing who you were made to be. The LGBTQ community knows all too well how much freedom and beauty can come with allowing yourself to be who you truly are with full authenticity.

So many of these films have come out, especially in more recent years, but Of an Age tackles those topics and more in a better way than any other romantic dramas in this sub-genre.

The plot follows two young men, Adam and Kol, who happened to be thrown into each others’ lives. Adam’s sister needs help after she wakes up stranded alone, hours away. Together they go on a search and rescue trip which leads the two to end up forming a connection and going on a sweeping and powerful journey together.

A unique aspect of the film was how it tackles themes of fate and letting go. It shows how life can lead you to places you never imagined, and by embracing the now a lot of unexpected beauty can come into your life. The film’s tagline “All We Have Is Now” was played out in such a profound way. It was so beautiful to see the message in the film: when we let go and live and let live, it can bring so much greatness into the world.

Part of the story though was more sorrowful. One of the leads unfortunately really has a hard time accepting his queerness. This aspect, while a bit sad to watch, was shown to the audience in a poignant way.

Lead actors, Thom Greene, and Elias Anton gave outstanding performances. Their romance was portrayed in an authentic way. The chemistry was all there and you can feel these characters’ strong connection coming from the big screen. Towards the beginning of the film, when their romantic connection is forming, it feels so real, almost to a point where it can be uncomfortable. That is a compliment though and made it very engaging to watch. The fabulous camera work also allows the audience to feel their connection being made in a powerful manner.

The film is super romantic, and while there are a few sad elements that are present throughout, this was not an overly depressing or manipulative tear-jerker. It focused a lot on their deep connection and the beauty of love. That is another positive aspect of the movie. The emotional drama that occurred was never too much and always kept the film grounded in reality.

Of an Age is an outstanding film. It is an unashamedly romantic and passionate love story that is simple but feels fresh. With a better-than-expected opening weekend at the box office, Focus Features plans to expand it out to more than the 289 theaters it was scheduled in. People are taking an interest in this film and it has a lot of potential to be seen by more people, which it truly deserves.

5/5 stars.