Ocean Grove May Have Denied Lesbian Couple Their Civil Rights


NJ Division On Civil Rights Finds Probable Cause 

On December 29 the State of New Jersey issued a “Finding of Probable Cause” against the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association for allegedly discriminating against a lesbian couple who had sought permission to hold their civil union ceremony at the Boardwalk Pavilion.

“The finding is a victory for everybody,” said Louisa Paster to Out In Jersey on the phone. Civil Union partner Harriet Bernstein continued, ” There was a tremendous outpouring of support in the entire Ocean Grove community. The town itself is very friendly to the LGBT community.”

“The unexpected results of this painful incident have been a renewed sense of community and energy in Ocean Grove, evidenced by the flying of hundreds equality flags, fundraising events, porch parties, and support for local restaurants,” said Paster in a statement from Ocean Grove United, a group of residents committed to civil rights for all. “We now look forward to the Camp Meeting Association lifting its ban on the use of the pavilion and allowing both marriage and civil union ceremonies to take place there on an equal basis.”