Obama speaks plainly and forthrightly



On June 29th, President Obama met with a room full of distinguished members of the LGBT community to reiterate his unequivocal commitment to achieving our equality. The White House guests included a spectrum of the queer world. Some, such as ambassador James Hormel, were from privileged and distinguished “old money” backgrounds. Some, such as early “in the trenches” pioneer Frank Kameny, came from a life of activism and sacrifice. Beyond being LGBT, whether rich or poor, famous or not, the guests all personally shared in the suffering caused by homophobia and bigotry. Some, such as Judy Shepherd, have suffered beyond what words can convey. This was not an audience assembled to rubber stamp a list of platitudes. The President spoke plainly and forthrightly. He offered a vision of hope for a better future. He did not downplay the obstacles, nor did he promise that the new era would dawn tomorrow, complete and beautiful, like Venus arising from the sea. He never did promise that, even when he was courting our votes.