NYC Dancer is ready to give you a spiritual breakthrough


Mathew Heggem, a graduate of the highly-esteemed Goucher College dance program in Baltimore, has been astounding audiences across the country with his flawless technique and an interpretive flavor that is both unabashedly personal and unapologetically honest. He is a rare phenomenon in the dance community–a male dancer who is equally adept in the divergent worlds of ballet and modern dance, winning accolades in both circles, including the prestigious American College Dance Festival/ Dance Magazine award for best performance in 2006. However, this kind of genre hopping is only indicative of the fact that this 24 year old New Yorker is an artist with a message so strong that it veritably bleeds through everything he touches. There is no doubt in my mind that Mathew Heggem is perhaps the most strikingly genuine artist I have ever known, both on and off the stage. I met up with Mat at his home in Brooklyn to discuss art, sexuality and life philosophies.

Unsurprisingly, we were barely able to scratch the surface…