NOM Nets Nuts



Let me begin with full disclosure: I’m not a Christian. Nonetheless, some of my most profoundly respected personal heroes and exemplars are very Christian. People such as Archbishop Tutu, Bishop Gene Robinson, and Bishop Spong hold up a shining light of personal courage and the redeeming power of love and expound a theology that is truly inclusive. They are joined by well over 700 of our own New Jersey clergy who are active supporters of Garden State Equality and our community’s drive for equal rights. Most of those 700 are not gay. They are simply men and women who truly believe their religion teaches love, acceptance and equality and who are able to leave behind the archaic elements of a religion that has it’s roots far back in a more primitive era—a time when people believed the world was flat and God was some sort of paranoid monster who delighted in eternal tortures for those who failed to render mindless devotion.