NJ rocker Josh Zuckerman is working with Joan Jett’s band members

Performer Josh Zuckerman photo by Joseph Ryan
Performer Josh Zuckerman photo by Joseph Ryan
Zuckerman is making dreams come true

Like Bruce and Bon Jovi before him, Josh Zuckerman has slowly weaved himself into the fabric of New Jersey’s musical history. From his infectious stage presence to his lyrics that are relatable to practically everyone, whenever Zuckerman releases music, it’s always a Garden State event. I caught up with Josh as his new album Gone With The Music prepared to drop. We talked about his lifelong appreciation for Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. This has finally started to pay off. Let’s find out what we can expect from the next era of music from this uber talented Jersey rocker!

Michael Cook: Josh, you have become one of the most prolific artists to recently come out of New Jersey. How does it feel to still be cranking out amazing and creative music that people love? 

Josh Zuckerman: It feels amazing! I knew I had material I wanted to record for some time now. I just wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to make another CD or just put the songs out there in digital format. I decided after this amazing dream came true for me, that I needed to have a physical copy that people can hold as well as a reminder that dreams can come true!

This time, you have a true bucket check moment, where you are working directly with Joan Jett’s band members and featuring them on your album. Tell me about how that came about….

Performer Josh Zuckerman photo by Joseph Ryan
Performer Josh Zuckerman photo by
Joseph Ryan

JZ: Joan Jett has many Facebook fan pages. And I was literally surfing through them one night and stumbled upon a like that said “wife of Rock Star.” I clicked on it, and found that it was the wife of legendary drummer Thommy Price from Joan Jett’s band! I private messaged her and asked if “it would be a far fetched idea to ask her husband to play on a few songs of mine, as it’s been a dream of mine since I was fourteen. She wrote back and said “not far fetched at all, send me your stuff.” I sent her my links to some of my songs and didn’t hear back for a few months. I thought hey, at least I tried right? Then later decided to ask again because people in the industry can be busy. I reached out a second time. And this time she said that Thommy really likes it and said yes!

I hear you actually ended up partnering up with another original band member right after your intro to Thommy correct? 

JZ: Absolutely! Around that same time, I also contacted Gary Ryan the original bass player who was recently inducted in the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame with Joan Jett. He also liked my material. H said he would do it, and coincidentally, he didn’t even know that Thommy was on the project as well. Thommy was just as excited that Gary was playing on the project! We went in the studio to record three tracks. And because they had so much fun, it turned into a full ten song CD! It was a dream working with the same guys that inspired me to want to play music as a 14 year old kid.

Did you hear from Joan Jett on borrowing her band mates in a way?  

JZ: I didn’t. I have no idea if she’s aware of this or not, but I’m hoping!

Now the ultimate question; any chance we will see you and Joan Jett on the same record some time soon? 

JZ: I actually wrote a song on the new CD called “who I am is.” I was hoping she would sing it with me, but no luck ….as of yet….

Now the music. Tell me about the new album…

JZ: The new album is called Gone With The Music.” It’s definitely one of my favorites as it brings back my roots of rock music, but still has that modern sound that keeps it current. There are ten new songs and I’m just super excited about it!

Will we be seeing you hitting the road and going on tour to promote the new music? 

JZ: Of course! I plan on having my official CD release party on Saturday November 24 at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ. Then I play New Hope Pennsylvania at the Rrazz Room on December 21, 2018. I hope to continue to bring the show to even more places that invite me!

What keeps inspiring you to create and craft new music? 

JZ: What inspires me to write is truly to make an impact and utilize this gift I’ve been given to make people happy and to connect with others.

Josh Zuckerman CD Release Party is on November 24, 2018 at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ starting at 9 pm. He also will appear on December 21, 2018 at the Rrazz Room in New Hope, PA