NJ LGBT Film Festival April 7-9 in Ocean Grove at Qspot

QSpot Qfest 2017
QSpot Qfest 2017

QFest New Jersey’s LGBT Film and Digital Media Festival will be held from April 7-9, 2017. QFest announced the selections for 2017. The selected films highlight LGBT stories and artists from around the world including Britain, Brazil, Israel, Iran, Canada and USA. Several selections will be making their world premiere at QFest. Tickets and complete screening schedule is available at http://qfestnj.org/.

QFest 2017 Official Selections (in alphabetical order)


D.C. EAGLE BOUND BY LEATHER (USA) – Directed by Jonathan Reed – *Special featured screening with director Jonathan Reed
THE LAVENDER SCARE (USA) – Directed by Josh Howard – *Special featured screening with director Josh Howard
LEAGUE OF EXOTIC DANCERS (Canada) – Directed by Rama Rau


EKAJ (USA) – Directed by Cati Gonzalez
FLATBUSH LUCK (USA) – Directed by Casper Andreas  – *Special featured screening with director Casper Andreas and supporting actor Juahn Cabrera.


BAYARD & ME (USA) – Directed by Matt Wolf – *Special featured screening with Walter Naegle
LOVE WINS (USA) – Directed by Robin Kampf – *Special featured screening with director Robin Kampf, Jan Moore and Emily Sonessa
LUCY (United Kingdom) – Directed by Melinte Reitzema


DROWNING (USA) – Directed by Alexandra Schmeizer
EITAN IN WONDERLAND (Israel) – Directed by Yair Zhurat
I DON’T LIKE HER (Iran) – Directed by Javad daraei
IT GETS BETTER? (USA) – Directed by Stephen Riscica
IT’S A BOY (USA) – Directed by Trent Nakamura
SHALA (Brazil) – Directed by Joao Inacio
THE DAY MY MOTHER SCREAMED (USA) – Directed by David Jaffe
THE PRETENDER (USA) – Directed by Nathan Morse
TIME IS THE LONGEST DISTANCE (USA) – Directed by Bryan Powers


POOCHINI (USA) – Max Colson – *Special featured screening with director Max Colson

QFest srives to support and promote LGBT film and digital media, the individuals who create it, and the people and stories they highlight.  The three-day event is produced by QSpot, one of New Jersey’s largest LGBT community centers.

Tickets and more information at http://qfestnj.org/.