NJ Gay-Straight Alliance groups hold annual forum this Saturday

NJ Gay Straight Alliance Forum 2017
NJ Gay Straight Alliance Forum 2017

GLSEN will sponsor the 14th annual GSA Forum at Montgomery High School on Saturday, November 18, 2017. The forum attracts over 500 students and educators from all over New Jersey including members of the LGBT community and straight supporters.

Carol Watchler, co-chairperson of the Central New Jersey chapter of GLSEN, a national organization invites the community. The forum is a place for students, advisors, supporters, and allies.

Workshops this year at the GSA Forum include: 

  • Peer to Peer: An Honest and Open Dialogue *
  • Panel Discussion: Faithful Welcoming of LGBTQIA Youth
  • Keep Calm and Practice Mindfulness
  • What’s Your Gender? More than Just a Letter *
  • Keeping Kids Safe
  • Finding Your Tribe: A Hosted Conversation
  • Living with Disabilities in the LGBTQ Community
  • Building Communities Through Action In Local Politics issues and concerns.
  • Write your Heart Out
  • Princeton PFLAG Peer Support Meeting and resources.
  • Check Yoself!
  • Coping with Bullying
  • Trans 101
  • Embodying Our Identity
  • The Salon
  • Are you triggered? Nope, just educated!
  • Letter to Myself
  • GLSEN Days of Action
  • NonBinary, Androgynous, GenderQueer, Gender-Fluid, and other Gender Non-Conforming Folks, Speak Out!
  • HIV: Break the Silence
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • You are not alone
  • How to start a GSA or how to keep one going
  • Living with Faith as a LGBTQ+ College Student
  • Yes means Yes: A Workshop on Consent

…And many more programs are available. For more information contact Melanie Pasignajen, at HiTOPS melaniep@hitops.org, or visit njgsaforum.com