New map provides a look at LGBT elected officials in the U.S.

New Jersey map from Victory Institute study
New Jersey map

A new online tool unveiled at the opening of International LGBTQ Leaders Conference in Washington, DC revealed severe under-representation of LGBT people nationwide. The Victory Institute released its Out for America report and interactive map that they say is the most comprehensive look ever at LGBT elected officials in the United States.

The report provides demographic information for the nearly 450 known LGBT elected officials in the U.S. and documents the severe under-representation.

Among the report’s key findings:

  • 448 known LGBT elected officials are currently serving in the U.S., just 0.1 percent of all elected officials nationwide
  • 21,307 more LGBT elected officials must be elected to achieve equitable representation
  • Just 20.5 percent of LGBT elected officials are people of color
  • Only 1.8 percent of LGBT elected officials are transgender.

“The severe underrepresentation of LGBTQ people in elected positions — especially LGBTQ people of color and transgender people — is an urgent call to arms for LGBTQ leaders to run for office and be our voice in the halls of power,” said Aisha C. Moodie-Mills, President & CEO of Victory Institute. “When LGBTQ elected officials are in the room, it humanizes our lives, changes the debate and leads to more inclusive legislation. The Out for America report documents the enormous work that needs to be done to ensure our people are in those rooms — and the long road ahead before equitable representation is achieved.”

This underrepresentation is also demonstrated on the Out for America interactive map, which allows users to search for elected officials by sexual orientation, gender identity, race/ethnicity, office level and geography. Both the report and map were released at the opening of the International LGBTQ Leaders Conference in Washington, DC, where more than 500 LGBT elected officials and leaders are gathering to strategize how to increase LGBT representation in government.

The full Out for America interactive map is available at