New Jersey student arrested in Florida during Soulforce Equality Ride


Riders Arrested Trying to Enter Worship Service at Palm Beach Atlantic University –  Bus vandalized

(West Palm Beach, FL)—October 13 – Just hours ago, sixteen young adults arrived at the DeSantis Family Chapel on the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University. The Equality Riders were immediately restricted to the far side of the sidewalk and were greeted by an organized group of parents. During the conversations that ensued, a few students did join the group and one came out as a lesbian who is in her first year at PBAU. She was able to speak firsthand about the lack of safety that is provided for her as a lesbian on campus, which affirms Soulforce Q’s reasons for visiting the Christian school.

At 11:00 am  the sixteen Equality Riders walked to the DeSantis Family Chapel doors and were confronted by city police at the doors.