New Jersey is not the Republic of Gilead

Sam Martino
Out In Jersey magazine editor Sam Martino

As I write this on the first day of Women’s History Month, it hits home again that our rights are being stripped away little by little. The silver lining is that women still have reproductive rights in the state of New Jersey, and for that I am grateful. Not that I will ever need an abortion, I just want women to have the ability to be in control of their bodies and their health care.

Women are not cattle.

Because of the overturn of Roe v. Wade, one in three women now live in states where abortion is not available to them. When Roe was overturned, 18 states banned or restricted abortion.

“We have seen a resurgent, radical, right-wing agenda that is hell-bent on coming after our fundamental rights. Voting rights. LGBTQ rights. Reproductive rights, and explicitly, the right to an abortion,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has said. “There is no sugarcoating it: Women’s health care in America is in a state of crisis.”

I am reminded of a sign I saw at the Philadelphia Women’s March, “If I wanted a Senator in my uterus, I would fuck one.” Since the Roe ruling, the Christian right is trying to turn women into livestock. All they care about are babies being born, but not babies being clothed, fed, schooled, or loved.

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In this issue of Out In Jersey magazine we have an article titled “Policing Abortion in the Name of God,” by Rev. Irene Monroe. Be sure to read this important piece.

We are all responsible for the women in this country. Voting for people who have no interest in women’s health care is wrong. VOTE THEM OUT!

I often wonder why the little blue hard-cock pill, aka Viagra, is such an important part of men’s health care, but abortion and hormone therapy for women is not.

Recently I was glad to see French lawmakers vote in favor of a constitutional amendment to guarantee women’s right to abortions.

Here in the U.S., in the State of the Union address, President Biden said “My predecessor took office determined to see Roe v. Wade overturned and he brags about it,” referring to former president Donald Trump. “Look at the chaos that has resulted.”

Now is the time for us to fight even harder for reproductive rights. We cannot sit back and allow our freedoms to be taken away by anyone. Ever! The Supreme Court majority wrote, “Women are not without electoral or political power.” Biden responded recently, “You’re about to realize just how much you were right about that.”

I pray he is right.