New Hope Celebrates to postpone PrideFest

New Hope Celebrates Parade in 2014
New Hope Celebrates Parade in 2014

May LGBTQ parade and festival will be moved to the fall

The Board of New Hope Celebrates (NHC) made the decision to postpone PrideFest until later this year. “We are working hard to confirm a date so that everyone can start planning,” said a press release. “We hope to keep this new date but we also need to remember that this is a new normal for everyone so PrideFest may need to look different or be planned differently to take into account safety measures, social distancing, and the well being of our community.”

“I want to thank everyone for the kind words and support after the announcement of our postponement,” said Matt Hanson, NHC President. “It’s this support and encouragement that keeps our all-volunteer Board moving forward.”

“I hope everyone is doing as well as they can during these ever-changing and challenging times,” continued Hanson. “I know that many people in our community are affected by this crisis and our towns look very different than they did a few weeks ago. I can’t accurately express how I feel for the workers, businesses, and community members during this time; know that you are all in my thoughts every day. I want to wish everyone health, safety, well being, and as much happiness as possible through this.”

The NHC statement stressed how it is important that the LGBTQ community support their our local businesses and service workers during this time. “They are a major part of our community and now they need us. There are various fundraisers through GoFundMe and other sites for restaurants and service workers in our community. We recommend that you visit Facebook or the business’s website to find out more about these individual fundraisers.”

“You can continue to support our local businesses (especially the ones that have been great Partners for New Hope Celebrates) by ordering take out/delivery, buying gift cards, shopping online, etc. Remember to tip well! [They] are open and ready for your business.”

The statement said: “I am New Hope. You are New Hope. We are New Hope. Our community, and the surrounding areas, are so special because we come together as a commUNITY to support each other and ensure we are all doing well.”

“I love being here and I know we will get through this. We will learn a lot and we will be challenged but we will come through and be able to CELEBRATE together,” said the release.

The Board reminded everyone to check in on your neighbors, loved ones, friends, and others. You may visit the NHC Out and About section of their website.