New book has depth and multiple perspectives on LGBTQ health

Book cover of "Bodies & Barriers‑Queer Activists on Health

Bodies & Barriers—Queer Activists on Health is avalaible now

Adrian Shanker is the Founder and Executive Director of Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Dig a wee bit deeper and you find not only a committed lifelong award-winning activist but someone who is passionate about the most fundamental basic human right: access to health care. His education and background in data and health care issues mean that when he reaches out to other queer-identified activists who are also in health care, the results are a book with depth and multiple perspectives.

Bodies and Barriers—Queer Activists on Health draws from many perspectives. Shanker is both editor and contributor to this book that should be on the desk of every activist, LGBTQ community member and ally for its frank discussion of health care concerns that may not be evident to those living in more populous areas where it’s relatively easy to find a doctor who is at least friendly, if not downright welcoming. What are the questions we need to ask? What do we look for in a physician, a health care provider, a facility?

This volume has several sections: Youth, Young Adults, Middle-Age Adults and Older Adults, each of whom have their own particular needs. The range of activists is impressive and while we think we have rights, until everyone has equity in this most important area, none of us do.

This book was released in January and is available in the usual places as well as through pre-order at your favorite bookstore. It makes a great gift. Get yours today.