Neon Trees is Back

Tyler Glen and Neon Trees
Tyler Glen and Neon Trees

The multi-platinum band Neon Trees has reunited with the announcement of it’s highly anticipated Favorite Daze Tour. The tour is appropriately named after their new release, “Favorite Daze,” the lead single off the band’s upcoming fifth studio album, set to be released in 2024. Out In Jersey caught up with frontman Tyler Glenn spilled all the tea on being back with the band, the new album, the new tour, and relatable personal dramas.

It’s been a few years. The last time we spoke was upon the release of Neon Trees’ fourth studio album, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me. Unfortunately, the pandemic halted much of the touring you had planned at the time. This time around, you are embarking on a full Live Nation tour. Can you speak on the reunion?

Tyler Glenn: Public facing, it appears we were not active, however we never truly took a break. There was a moment where I released a solo album, as well as starred in Kinky Boots on Broadway. We have never been on hiatus. The 2020 album was shadowed by the pandemic because there wasn’t much of a way to promote it. Nevertheless, we remained busy with music festivals thereafter and things of that nature. This is exciting for us because we are finally doing a public-facing tour again. We are really proud of the new music. We have always been a family and have maintained our relationships, which have only gotten better over the years. This is our first tour since 2015 when we were promoting the Pop Psychology album.

You have been very busy with your own solo projects over the years. How does it feel to work with the band after so long?

TG: It feels great! We have seen each other plenty and have played shows sporadically. Yet, the real reuniting is in the efforts of creating new music with the upcoming album and embarking on a full tour. All four of us are grateful to still have the band, to still be doing this, and to still be just as passionate as we were in the beginning. It is still scary because this tour feels like we are testing the waters again. You can’t really gauge where your fans are until you hit the road. It is exciting to release new music, play the songs we were unable to play in 2020, and all of the hits. I always enjoy designing a new setlist.

How does the upcoming album compare to your previous sound?

TG: It definitely sounds like quintessential Neon Trees but I think it is a little more left of the dial. You can feel the seams more in the songs. We like to dabble in new wave too. During the pandemic I kept writing because it was the only thing that made me feel sane. We could have probably released a different record however we really fought to complete and release the album we desired. This new record will have 12 songs and I think it checks the boxes for people who enjoy what we do. I love using the studio as an extra tool and it is fun to experiment and get better at creating music. Overall, it is very cohesive yet forward-pushing simultaneously.

How much of the setlist on this tour will feature hits vs. new music set to be released on the new album? Will the tour be more of a greatest hits or more of an album preview?

TG: We are playing “Favorite Daze” in addition to a couple other new songs. It is a tease, and the setlist will probably be slightly mixed up depending on the show. Since we did not get to do a proper tour for I Can Feel You Forgetting Me, there will be songs from that album incorporated, especially given that it streamed really well. We definitely want to pay homage to that since we did not have the chance to do so originally. We also want to shine a spotlight on Pop Psychology.

What are your favorite type of concert venues to play?

TG: I enjoy venues that are mid-sized and somewhat intimate. I enjoy standing rooms. I like to play venues where you can see people and connect with everyone. I am really excited to get back on a tour bus. Granted, my bandmates are parents and tired, but I’m not yet [laughs]. We can all live the tour dreams again.

"Favorite Daze" album coverfeaturing Tyler Glen and Neon Trees
“Favorite Daze” album cover featuring Tyler Glen and Neon Trees

You have always been such an open book during our interviews. What is going on in your personal life at the moment?

TG: It has been a really positive time in my life. I am naturally a somewhat pessimistic person, however lately I have been surrounding myself with people who lift me up more than bring me down. I think in my past I never made room for that. It has been nice to feel as though I don’t give a fuck over the past couple years. I am glad I finally established boundaries in relationships. I no longer feel desperate to be with somebody and have developed a calmer demeanor. The last few years were such a hard time culturally for all of us, but I spent it focusing on trying to better myself. I like to be able to write about what I am feeling.

You came out in Rolling Stone in 2014. Nevertheless, there had to be a lingering effect in that you were still concerned with how it would affect you personally and professionally.

TG: It was such a slow burn. I came out, then I tried to navigate being Mormon, before ultimately leaving the faith. Overall, I am happy I am still standing. There are a lot of inner battles no one will ever see. I know them, I know the struggle it is to just live in my brain sometimes, and I am selfishly proud of myself. I am proud that I still care, still have passion, and still have energy to do the music business despite how depleting it can be at times. One of my best talents is singing, writing songs, and performing. Yet, on the flip side, I am such an introvert in my personal life. Sometimes I wonder why I continue to throw myself in the lion’s den that is the music industry and this ever-changing culture we are living in. But I love it and still have something to say.

You’ve dodged a lot of bullets to still be slaying the music game, especially given how the band has lasted so long. What is the secret?

TG: Neon Trees could have probably broken up 14 times already [laughs] but we have true love for one another. It has been nice to see we still have integrity and still care about this project we started so long ago. Sometimes I regret not getting married, but then I look at how I have managed to maintain the band, and it is also a marriage in and of itself. I try to spin some things that can be viewed as L’s and spin them into positives. Do I sound like an immature bachelor?

Relationships behind closed doors are never how they are depicted on Instagram. Like you, I am single, yet I have learned finding a quality partner is more important than settling for anyone just because I don’t want to be alone.

TG: I agree with you and I like it now. I don’t feel sad about it anymore. I also like to check people when they give me a sad face and ask me a question with a weird tone about why I am still single. I am not bummed out about it. I see many of my friends and family who have been in toxic relationships yet make excuses as to why they should tolerate staying in it. I never want to be in that situation. I don’t need to perpetually be in an up and down relationship just because society forces it upon us. So when the stable guy comes along, that is when I will be down! Relationships and marriage take work by default, but should never feel hard, especially if you have genuine love. Relationships should bring you calmness, peace, and stability — not worry and concern. At the end of the day, choose quality over quantity when it comes to finding the one.

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