“Nelly & Nadine” is a moving documentary about a beautiful lesbian romance during the holocaust

Nelly & Nadine movie poster
Nelly & Nadine by Wolfe OnDemand
Nelly & Nadine image of old photographs
Nelly & Nadine by Wolfe OnDemand

One of the darkest periods of history would most definitely be during the Holocaust. It was a time when hatred and discrimination was running rampant. However, even during such a dark era, light and beauty were still present. Nelly & Nadine is a new documentary about two women who had such a special love while in a concentration camp.

Having this type of relationship then was incredibly hard. The documentary takes aim at digging into archives and interviewing relatives of the women in bringing to light how amazing it was for the two of them to have this connection given the horrific circumstances.

The film is an inspiring watch. Their connection was able to bring them peace and comfort during such a difficult time. It was intriguing to learn how they really had to keep their romance on the down low but shared such passionate love.

Some of the relatives interviewed were not even aware they had this kind of bond. It is a very bittersweet element of their story. The interviews are done so well. Several of the relatives are able to give more insight into the depth of the love these two women shared.

Black and white photograph of Nadine
Nelly & Nadine by Wolfe OnDemand

The film celebrates the beauty of loving who you want in a passionate way. Knowing these women loved so deeply in this time period, and in their circumstances, is such a powerful inspiration. With all that is going on now with more hatred happening, it really has such a beautiful depth.

The documentary is so well done. Some gritty cinematography added a cool aesthetic to the film.

While by no means an extraordinary or groundbreaking documentary, Nelly & Nadine is still a powerful one worth watching. It features themes and topics that are very important for what is happening in the world now, as well as just a beautiful look into a special and powerful lesbian romance.

It is an important look into history as well and it is worth setting aside 90 minutes to check it out.

4/5 stars