My Stars by Madame Zzaj

Gemini sign

Gemini: More ease and a settled feeling is coming for you

Gemini (May 21-June 20): Hurrah for you June babies! While there have been patches where nothing seems to go right, the New Moon June 8th moves in gentle interactions with the other celestial bodies, bringing more ease and a settled feeling to you all. It’s bumpier in July- please don’t go all “Carrie” on us.

Cancer signCancer (June 21-July 22): Your sign gets a favorable reception as your birthday rolls around, graced with the Summer Solstice as well as the New Moon in July. More so than other signs, perhaps, you have felt the difficulties of the last year and a half; now it’s time to exhale.


Leo signLeo (July 23-August 22): You need to wear comfortable flats or possibly tie-up sneakers since the stars appear to have you switching directions so quickly that you won’t be able to keep up if you’re wearing any other sort of footwear. Your moon has an erratic relationship to the other heavenly bodies, both in June and July. One day, you’re flying high and its full speed ahead; the next all reversals and unexpected impediments, roadblocks. At least you’ll have shapely legs if nothing else.


Virgo signVirgo (August 23-September 22): For some, too much of a good thing is just the right amount but in your case it seems that what you wish to acquire, what you wish to obtain, remains temptingly out of reach, rather like the old cartoon of a dollar bill attached to a fishing line, getting yanked away at the last moment, or Lucy Van Pelt with the football. You are Charlie Brown.


Libra signLibra (September 23-October 22): While you might be desirous of feeling desire, Venus, your ruling planet, seems to be taking a fairly dim view of that this summer. It seems that you will have to settle for things running smoothly, efficiently, without that extra frisson of excitement that would make everything perfect. For you, you’ll have to be comfortable with merely the pretty good.


Scorpio signScorpio (October 23-November 21): While the sun in cancer is what signals the Summer Solstice, it’s your Moon that’s holding sway over the middle of the month. It all seems to be providing, in the words of Charles Dickens, the best of times and the worst of times. Best to just go with the flow and not expect too much because climate change seems to be affecting your sign and your mood.


Sagittarius signSagittarius (November 22-December 22): Best to keep your plots and schemes close to your chest. Diligence will bring rewards but communicating what you were doing will induce others to throw up roadblocks to your ongoing efforts, not that you weren’t already prepared to go it alone if necessary. Your Moon in July seems to inspire some rather dramatic over reactions; try to keep a lid on it.


Capricorn signCapricorn (December 22-January 19): June’s Full Moon is yours; please accept the thanks of a grateful nation as we hope to share at least a bit of the beneficent rays beaming down on you. If you’ve been feeling you need to strike out on your own, just do it, and lead the way for the rest of us, those not so inspired. Your efforts are truly supported towards the end of July when things start to really zoom; reach for the stars, as it were.


aquarius signAquarius (January 20-February 18): Your usual disposition, which others of us might consider a bit flighty, but endearing, takes a turn towards the downright aggressive. It’s true that all of us deal with adversities, big and small, in different ways. But you, my dear, seem to have perfected that peculiar ability to turn a molehill not only into a mountain but into Mount Everest. Try to keep things in proportion; needing to get a nail fixed is not the same thing as needing a lung transplant.


Pisces signPisces (February 19-March 20): Friends might think you disengaged or ignoring them, even when in the same room. But really, you’re not; your Moon is engaged in a weighty conversation with Neptune, your ruling planet, and Uranus. What you are is deep in thought, wide-ranging. This is the time to plan big, long-range decisions.


aries signAries (March 21-April 20): You’ve allowed yourself more than your fair share of distractions, both financial as well as personal. Your Moon and Mars are at odds, so you sense something is out of kilter. Your Moon, in relation to Saturn, argues for you to stop, and tend to the mundane, boring, day-to-day of life. Get your affairs in order.


Taurus signTaurus (April 21-May20): It seems that your fortune is tied, like Aries, to facing facts and making the necessary adjustments. In your case, the yearning for greater connection to those around you is commendable. However, be more discerning about new acquaintances. I’m not saying they’re mooches but you are susceptible.