“My Handful of Stars” is a very satisfying read

My Handful of Stars book cover
My Handful of Stars by Kenneth Felts

Ken Felts’ Historic Memoir

If you were like my sister and me, whatever the adults were doing was a LOT more interesting. Consequently, we became experts in listening to their stories, whether they knew we were or not.

Now author Ken Felts gives us the experience of sitting at the feet of someone who lived through the times that most of us only know from books — and Felts did not come out until he was 90 years old. Not a typo — he came out to his family, after living most of his life in a Faraday cage of his own devising where the signals of his heart could not escape to the outside where those signals could endanger himself and others. Ken Felts shares so much of himself that within the first few pages, he’s part of your family.

We learn of what life was like in the middle part of the 20th century. We go to war with Felts when he serves in Korea. We experience what code-switching was like for a young man who knew he was different, yet knew he needed to blend.

We live with Ken through the limerence of first true love when he meets Philip, the one whose love lives within him still. Their classic love story is cut short, yet the line shines through the entire book.

Felts seasons his personal recollection with scholarly historic vignettes, and generously includes citations for those interested in searching the source texts. All in all, this is a very satisfying read that you will want to keep with you whether you are on vacation, commuting via public transportation, or just (like me) enjoy having reading material readily available. This is a walk with a very learned friend, and even though this is your first meeting the experience lingers long after, as with all important meetings.

And you’ll need to buy two copies — one to keep, and one to share. The one you share will never be returned to you, mark Ken’s words.

My Handful of Stars is available wherever fine books are sold (ISBN: 978-1667823638).