Mr. NJ Leather 2019, Lynx Onyx

Mr. NJ Leather 2019 Lynx Onyx
Mr. NJ Leather 2019 Lynx Onyx

NJ Leather Weekend starts Friday in Asbury Park

Lynx Onyx has spoken about ‘leather magic,’ a powerful force that dwells within the leather community, bringing its members together. With a quick, easy smile, Lynx has spent the bulk of his title year educating, talking, and representing the Garden State at the international level, where he placed eighth out of over 60 competitors at this year’s International Mr. Leather competition. Recently, Lynx relocated to Maryland with his fiancée, Roman. Now, with days left before the New Jersey Leather 2020 contest, Lynx reflected on the months gone by.

Mr. NJ Leather 2019 Lynx Onyx
Mr. NJ Leather 2019 Lynx Onyx

How has your year been?

Lynx Onyx: Honestly? It’s been magical. At the onset of preparing to run for this title, I had no idea what would really happen if I actually won. Of course, I had seen my colleagues and friends around the community at-large doing their thing and doing it so well. I thought I’d use them as inspiration; not necessarily to mimic, but as a springboard if you will. Remember the “I wanna be like Mike” campaign from the 90s?  Something like that.

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But as I started working on the speech for the contest, “#LeatherMagic” fell to me out of nowhere and really, really resonated on a molecular level. What we have is something very special and we owe it to ourselves to share that with one another as openly and authentically as we can. Over the course of the last 12 months or so, I have really tried to do just that. I have given this title year everything that I had in me. If only one person— out of the thousands I’ve met and engaged with has been able to harness their #Leathermagic in some form or another and step into their light, then my year has been wildly successful.

What was the highlight of your title year?

LO: Oh boy! There isn’t just one. There simply can’t be. I feel like the entire year was a highlight of my life, honestly. But a few moments do stick out for me. I’d say winning the title itself was pretty significant. I had an amazing coaching and preparation team to help me show my best self during the run. Meeting people from all across our community was really humbling; I was honored to hear stories from people in our tribe and really connect on a personal level—human to human. The Mask’D Ball | A Gallery of KINK was especially fun!  Who doesn’t love a Masquerade Ball that has a kinky twist?  It was inspiring to see folks in the space just having fun and laughing and playing and toasting each other (buns AND glasses) and just celebrating one other in a safe, open, welcoming space.

There are so many people to thank for that experience! Let’s see…Ah, representing New Jersey at IML in May of 2019 was thrilling and was everything!  It really is an amazing experience to be a part of. Although there was that issue of the “broken toe” to contend with, I am so happy to have been a part of the Class of IML41 and wouldn’t change a thing. I could have done without the broken toe, but I’m sure everything happens for a reason, right? I also look forward to the moment the torch is passed along to the next person to take up the post, giving birth to yet another Mr. New Jersey Leather. I’ll be a Daddy. That’ll be exciting for sure!

Have you accomplished what you set out to do with your title year?

LO: You know, I think I have. Hindsight is always 20/20 they say, right? Of course, I would have liked to take the sash overseas or to IMsL or Northern Lights, but I have to also make a living and pay those pesky bills that never seem to take a holiday. So far, I’ve managed to rack up 26,391 miles throughout the year and I think that’s a great haul. All in all, I really believe I have met my goals and exceeded a few of them. I’m happy.

Will your masquerade be an annual event?

LO: It’s funny you ask. While at Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman/Bootblack a few weeks ago, I was on the patio talking with Daddy Sal and I mentioned this exact thing. The Mask’D Ball | A Gallery of KINK I think is certainly something that could be more than a one-off or one-time event. We are going to continue discussion on it and see what can happen! Stay tuned…

What are your plans once you step aside?

LO: Rest!!!  After a few hours of sleep, and continuing to get adjusted to DMV (DelMarVa) area living, I plan to stay involved. I hope to continue teaching skills, judging contests, learning more for myself and remaining available and approachable to anyone who wishes to make contact. I’m excited to be working with the fundraising and development team at The Leather Heart Foundation. Oh, and there’s a wedding to plan. (yikes!!) I envision a visit back to Jamaica in the future. But beyond all that, my main plan will be to continue introducing and sharing my #LeatherMagic with anyone curious about its power, while helping people tap into their own.

Come see Lynx share his #Leathermagic at the 20th Annual Mr. and Ms. New Jersey Leather contest being held Oct. 18-20 at Paradise in Asbury Park. Staying for the weekend? Book a room at the Empress and hang with the New Jersey Leather Family!