Mr and Miss Gay NJ crowned at Paradise


Mr and Miss Gay NJ contest winners crowned at Paradise for 2014The new Mr and Miss Gay New Jersey were crowned on Sunday, June 15th at Club Paradise in Asbury Park. The theme was “The Wizard of Oz: Journey to the Crown” and was developed by Joey Sky and Victoria Courtez.

The winners were Lea Sky as Miss Gay NJ, Emanuel Anzules as Mr. Gay NJ and Miss at-Large was Bella Sky.

Lea Sky is Miss Paradise and Miss Gay NJ for 2014The Mr. and Miss Gay NJ contest is spomsored by the Beacon Light fund, a non-profit organization that helps people who have been inflicted with HIV/AIDs and cannot afford the basic necessities. These include paying utility bills, medical bills, or purchasing medication.

After the win, Emanuel Anzules said, “I hope to serve as a positive role model and inspiration to members of our community. My main goal as a spokesperson to the Beacon Light Fund, includes advocating for and serving as a leader to a population that might often have no voice.”

Bella Sky, Miss NJ at-Large said, “I am absolutely thrilled and honored.”

Lea Sky, the new Miss Gay NJ 2014 said, “I am completed humbled and confident about representing The Beacon Light Fund. This year will be full of great accomplishments through fundraising and bringing awareness to a worthy cause.”