Make your summer PAN-Tastic


Welcome back, Summer, when all but the most unfortunate will have the opportunity to roam around NJ’s landscape, especially the wilder areas that have not yet been paved over. Yes, Out of Staters, we still have them, we just have concealed them behind a screen of road ramps and Shopping Malls.  You just have to schedule a trip, travel some distance to explore those areas.

Why discuss vacation plans, you might be wondering?  Well, some forms of magic require interaction with powers, spirits, however you may define them (or perhaps you just don’t believe in such things; fine, they still believe in you). Some of these are quite at home in your home; in fact, they are quite reticent to manifest unless provided with our dwellings and well tended gardens.  Others prefer the outskirts of town, while a few withdraw to where we are not.  Here are some field notes on one such,