“Million Dollar Listing New York” co-star Steve Gold on working out and his second season

Steve Gold
Steve Gold
Steve Gold is sure to keep the scorch factor extra high this summer

Since he hit our television screen last summer, Steve Gold has kept the attention of Bravo viewers everywhere. With a combination of movie star good looks, and a swagger to spare, Steve Gold makes the boys swoon. Gold is a hard man to catch up with, but with the second season of Million Dollar Listing New York, premiering on Bravo on Monday June 11 (check local listings) he and I found some time to chat. From telling me about his second season, to seeing his dating life, to the possibility of a spin off, Steve Gold is sure to keep the scorch factor extra high this summer.

Michael Cook: You are back for Season 2 of Million Dollar Listing New York. What is different for your second season of the show? 

"Million Dollar Listing: New York" on Bravo TV
“Million Dollar Listing: New York” on Bravo TV

Steve Gold: I have one season under my belt. It can be a good and a bad thing really. On one hand, it’s all new and fresh and there is so much going on. And you don’t know what to expect. Now I can kind of sleep a bit more and balance my sleep and filming schedule, which is rolled into my life schedule. I have learned to take a little bit more time with myself, which I like to do. Last year, I think I was thrown into everything and had absolutely no time for my personal life. This time I tried to take some more time for myself. I am definitely looking forward to more of that this summer.

Your Instagram (@stevexgold) definitely shows that you love to get away from the daily grind of New York City and take some time to get out to the city. 

"Million Dollar Listing: New York" on Bravo TV
“Million Dollar Listing: New York” on Bravo TV

SG: You are right there! You know, New York City is so high strung and competitive. So, I try to have one day off where I take some refuge and turn it off a little bit. I am the type of person that never really disconnects. It’s just not in me. I just can’t help myself, although I do try. Sometimes going out to my house in the Hamptons or spending an hour on the beach with my dog and just getting some exercise, those moments are what I am really living for these days.

Was it a different chemistry with your co-stars this year? Last year, you seemed to have a pretty professionally competitive relationship with them, but did you want to get into a bit more conflict with them this year? 

SG: I have always felt that I had my own voice. Now, maybe people identified with or knew them a little bit more, but I have always had my own voice and an identity of my own. It may not be the voice that is trying to push through the other voices. But I think my voice is just as strong, if not stronger. This year there are some disagreements because I do speak my mind. And I speak very openly. Sometimes what I say people may think I should bite my tongue. This year there are some disagreements that will occur and you will see them play out. I think there is a little bit more confrontation than last season.

We have seen Ryan’s proposal and marriage as well as Frederik’s IVF journey with his husband, but everyone is very eager to see Steve Gold’s journey into a romantic relationship. When will we get to see that part of your life? 

"Million Dollar Listing: New York" on Bravo TV
“Million Dollar Listing: New York” on Bravo TV

SG: You know, it may be this season. You’ll just have to tune in and find out. You are definitely one of the men on Bravo who keeps the boys tuning in week after week.

With the summer here, what are some of the best things you do to stay in the best shape possible? 

SG: I think it is all about diet. Diet I think is super important. I eat pretty clean and healthy. Although I am not super regimented about a diet. I try to eat clean as best I can and then once or twice a week I have whatever I want. In terms of working out I think everyone’s body type is different. So it’s hard to generalize.

For me, I do things I really enjoy doing. I box and I play basketball a few days a week also. After work I don’t look at the gym as another chore, I look at it as I get to go play basketball for an hour, sweating and having fun at the same time. It’s about combining the athletic things I like to do. Really; I mean now, there are so many things in terms of fitness classes, and so many options. Even dancing, some girls I know love doing hip hop dancing. Balancing things like that with your diet is the advice that I would give someone.

New York City can be very competitive, especially in the real estate world. How do you keep your business and your business skills sharp day after day? 

Steve Gold on "Million Dollar Listing: New York" on Bravo TV
Steve Gold on “Million Dollar Listing: New York” on Bravo TV

SG: I feel blessed that I have very interesting clients who are all doing different things and are super successful. For me, that really motivates me to succeed in my line of work and be the best in what I am doing. I think I have such a diverse clientele; it keeps it fresh for me. In terms of thinking of fresh marketing ideas, that is just the creative process. Out of any of the guys, I am the most creative in marketing that motivates and moves me. I keep it creative by being around people you love and admire, and I just learn from everyone.

Frederik and Ryan have both had their spin-offs; think it may be time for you to have your own? Maybe a work out spinoff, or maybe even a dating/ Bachelor spin off! 

SG: (Laughs). I am definitely not going to say no, but I do have some ideas that I don’t think are fleshed out enough to discuss. Right now, it is just me second season, and people are still getting to know me. Maybe a couple more seasons down the line and I still resonate with the viewers, maybe then we can have a much bigger conversation. The avenues it would probably take would be somewhere with design and real estate, with an entrepreneurial twist to it. That is where my passions truly are.


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