Micah McLaurin is transitioning his sound on the new single “Moons”

Black and white photo of Micah McLaurin
Micah McLaurin - MOONS - Single Artworki
Micah McLaurin black and white photo and he has black chains wrapped around his head and face.
Micah McLaurin – Photo credit Domen & Van de Velde.

Micah McLaurin is ready to bring euphoric feel good pop songs to the world now after focusing on releasing instrumental covers for a while. Micah says about this transition, “I love classical music and it will always be part of my artistic life, but I was missing the creative side of music.

“Tell me, tell me you want it like I do, show me there’s nothing holding you back now.”

“I love pop music and love the way it can communicate with everyone,” he said.” Pop music has a lot of power to move people and that’s always been the goal in music.” 

His recently released new single “Moons” is a fun pop banger and an excellent introduction to Micah’s transition from his instrumental piano sound to full out fun dance songs. “Moons” is all about living your full life as your authentic self.

The song’s lyrics start out with “Tell me, tell me you want it like I do, show me there’s nothing holding you back now.” The song fully celebrates loving who you are and who you want without any hesitations. The lyrics inspire and serve as a reminder. 

Micah’s debut pop single is an amazing new effort as he begins his journey into a new genre. His vocals really shine and the production really adds a lot of joy to a listeners’ ears. With the help of the arrangement from Larry Gold, who has worked with Grammy-winning musical sensation Lizzo, Micah shows he is ready to establish himself as a true force in the pop music world.

“Moons” is an infectious disco jam that will make you get up and dance and want to embrace your feelings of queerness and be whoever you truly are without any hesitation.