“Men I’ve Never Been” – Sadowski’s poignant memoir

Men I've Never Been book cover.
Men I've Never Been by Michael Sadowski

Men I’ve Never Been recounts Michael Sadowski’s odyssey as a boy who shuns his own identity

Michael Sadowski is a Jersey guy. His Garden State bona fides are set up right out of the gate, as is his power to set the hook with a story. From the jump, we are with him as a small child where his father takes him into a very grown-up environment to show off his progeny and cadge free drinks from his barroom buddies.

Young Michael is reading headlines before he’s in first grade. And this one vignette sets the scene for everything that is to come.

Michael gives us a biblio-verite look at a New Jersey that truly no longer exists. It lives on in the memory of his contemporaries. And we are legion.

The good and the less good in families of the immediately previous millennium is shown in the gimlet eye of memory, and while all-seeing, it is not all-knowing. Michael looking back, frames younger adult events with the leavening of experience.

The audiobook is being released in early November, and this is the perfect book for you to curl up with as the rain and the leaves fall this Autumn. Make your favorite cuppa, and indulge in memories that will resonate with yours.

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Men I’ve Never Been is ISBN 978-0299330903