Meet Nonbinary Character Winn Harper from “Fairly Odd Parents: A New Wish”

The Winn character is holding a skateboard and the shows logo is on the right side.
Meet Winn Harper on The Fairly Oddparents: A New Wish (Image by Nickelodeon/Paramount 2024)
Cosmo and Wanda are hugging Hazel
The Fairly Oddparents: A New Wish (Image by Nickelodeon/Paramount 2024)

The Fairly Odd Parents are back! Cosmo and Wanda have found a new fairy godchild and she’s ten-year-old Hazel Wells. Hazel just moved to the silly city of Dimmadelphia with her parents and despite her positive attitude, growing up is tough! Especially when her big brother Anthony goes away to college, leaving her in need of a new guide… or two. Enter the dynamic pink and green fairy duo Cosmo and Wanda, who help Hazel acclimate to her new life with wild adventures and magical mayhem. The new series, Fairly Odd Parents: A New Wish also introduces a nonbinary classmate and friend for Hazel named Winn.

Winn Harper is a nonbinary student and an all-around sweet kid. Their swooping hair and chill personality make even Cosmo and Wanda grow stars in their eyes when Winn skates over. It’s refreshing to see a non-cis character be gawked at in a positive way, just for simply exuding fun energy. Everyone’s amazed by Winn; nobody bats a cartoon eyelash at their appearance, personality, and identity.

Winn is voiced by talented nonbinary voice actor Iris Menas and is one of the first nonbinary characters in kids’ media! Paved by progressive shows like Steven Universe, animated television has become a safe space to explore gender identity. From unique and diverse characters (which their designs reflect) to faithfully matching voice actors with matching identities to the characters they represent, correct steps are being taken in the right direction by the team at Fairly Odd Parents: A New Wish.

Though there is always more we can do to get LGBTQ and nonbinary characters at the forefront of our screens, it’s important to highlight and celebrate the progress being made. To know where we were and are is to know where we soon will be.

Winn isn’t just a one off character, they become one of Hazel’s two best friends! Winn appears in most episodes focused in the school or about Hazel learning to be a more considerate friend. Hazel’s life lessons are always empowering and create magical mayhem, dragging her new buddies into her beautiful messes. Hazel is freaking adorable. “Here goes something!” is her optimistic catchphrase. Watching her navigate her new building, new fairy friends, and the consequences of well-intended but misfired wishes is excitable. It makes you wonder what you’d wish for and how everything could go wrong or right.  

Hazel visits Cosmo and Wandas home.
The Fairly Oddparents: A New Wish (Image by Nickelodeon/Paramount 2024)

Look back at the old series and check out protagonist Timmy Turner’s two best friends, who became sidelined after the first few seasons. There was Chester, a poor kid whose dad is a disgraced baseball player who wears a literal brown bag on his head in shame, and AJ, a stereotypical Einstein-like student who was either condescending or boring. Granted, who could forget the trio’s iconic adventure into that videogame in season one of FOP? While Chester and AJ had their issues, it’s clear the new series has created intriguing and layered ensemble characters who are sure to last longer than their predecessors. Alternatively, the new show isn’t afraid to add texture to the lives of Hazel’s friends, like Winn.

Cosmo and Wanda meet Hazel when she’s desperate for a way to reach her older brother, who’s away at college and his flight’s been delayed by a storm. Hazel isn’t selfish in her wants like FOP‘s previous protagonist Timmy. She’s sincere, earnest, and sweetly naive which makes her the perfect new godchild for Cosmo and Wanda. When their paths cross, Hazel’s can-do spirit and need for a new role model (or two) brings them out of retirement to become the titular Fairly Odd Parents again. This dynamic carries into the fourth episode: Hazel really wants to impress her new friends at a sleepover and wishes her apartment could become a 5-star hotel. However, the chaos of running the business leads Hazel to neglect Winn and Jaz, prompting Hazel’s new friends to leave disappointed. 

Cosmo and Wanda (who have never been funnier and more in love, by the way) encourage Hazel to recognize that it’s more important to spend quality time with good friends rather than trying to buy them over with lavish activities and a luxury hotel. The episode ends with a heartfelt apology from Hazel and the friends finish the night sharing a sleepover and memories that’ll last forever — very cute!

These much more thoughtful resolutions are a much-welcomed change after watching years of Timmy Turner learning mostly nothing from his disastrous wishes. Did you know the original FOP canonically ends with a reveal that Timmy wished everyone would stop aging, so he could stay 10 and keep his fairies forever? Timmy’s like 30, you guys! So weird.

Fans of the former series will cheer at the random easter eggs peppered in about the past show, like the school squirrel mascot which looks eerily similar to Timmy Turner or Chip Skylark’s name being mentioned. Jorgen Von Strangle even appears a few times to lay down the gauntlet, just as he did in the original series. To FOP purists who fear change — not much has shifted in the world of the story. Cosmo and Wanda just have a new kid to take care of. It’s a natural continuation that doesn’t dwell on the past, not sacrificing new stories for the sake of mining our memories for nostalgic moments. This is a brand new adventure for Cosmo, Wanda, Hazel, Winn, and the audience — A New Wish!

A New Wish is helmed by a brand new crew of creatives, made even more magical by the unique blending of 2D and 3D animation. The animation director of the show, Trevor Young, explained the fascinating process via his Twitter. 

A picture of Cosmo, Wanda, and Hazel with the new shows synopsis and logline on the left side.
The Fairly Oddparents: A New Wish (Image by Nickelodeon/Paramount 2024)

Oh and the new theme song, created by Oh, Hush! And Grayson DeWolfe slaps. Give it a listen. Last but not least praise for showrunner Lindsey Katai, a prominent writer on Infinity Train, so you know we’re in for something wonderful. 

This show may not have baby Poof, crazy teacher Mr. Crocker, or that weird dog they added in the later seasons to appeal to… I don’t really know who, actually. The point is, Fairly Oddparents: A New Wish takes all the wonderful and truly magical elements of the FOP franchise and brings them to a new era of fun. Sure lessons are learned, but no less laughter is had along the way.

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