State Assembly District 2 has an LGBT candidate: Mico Lucide

Mico Lucide NJ District 2 Green Party candidate in 2017
Mico Lucide NJ District 2 Green Party candidate in 2017

Mico Lucide is a LGBT man on the ballot as a Green Party candidate for State Assembly in District 2 in the southern part of New Jersey. Lucide grew up in Egg Harbor Township, and has lived in Atlantic County his entire life. He graduated from Stockton University with a degree in political science, concentrating in pre-law studies.

Lucide has been a community activist and organizer. His political philosophy stems from a three-pronged approach: true change can only be made through education, action, and elections. Without education, action is misguided; without action, education is wasted; without elections, education and action cannot improve upon the broader systems that exist in society to create that change.

After years as a member of a major party, he realized that corporate and big donor money influences their practices far more than passion for people. Lucide has demonstrated his leadership and competency in the Green Party in less than a year, and he is a member of the executive board of the Green Party of Atlantic County.