“Mascarpone” is an Italian romantic drama film

Movie "Mascarpone" DVD cover
Movie "Mascarpone" DVD cover

The story within the movie Mascarpone follows the journey of a young man named Antonio, who recently got heartbroken by his husband who he has been with for over a decade. Antonio goes on a beautiful self-discovery trek to see what he truly wants out of life.

This film exceeded any expectations. What truly stood out was how touching and delightful it was to see Antonio’s journey of leaving what one could say was a co-dependent relationship to embracing his true self, without being in someone else’s shadow.

Directors Alessandro Guida and Matteo Pilati do a wonderful job at bringing a lot of heart to the story and characters. It was such an inspiring film, and while very heartfelt, never did it come off as depressing.

While other films have a goal of making you cry, I could tell here they were definitely going for a drama that had an underlying message of strength and resilience, while still being able to tug at your heartstrings.

The standout performance was Antonio’s new roommate, Denis, played by actor Eduardo Valdarnini. He was such a playful and fun character to see come to life on screen. It was a joy to see Antonio and Denis interact. Some of the best scenes in the film were seeing the relationship of those two unfold.

All of the other actors did a great job with their characters as well. They all were able to play out their characters in a real and authentic way. Bravo to the directors too!

Another aspect of the movie that I was impressed by was the script. I really found the conversations to be intriguing and added additional depth to the story. Mascarpone is an all-around well written film.

It is an outstanding piece of cinema. It is heartfelt and sexy all while having an empowering and inspirational message. The story is timely and important without coming off as too preachy. Definitely recommend checking this one out! 5 out 5 stars.

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