Marriage Equality Is Not A Priority Says New Jersey Governor


Governor Corzine says same-sex marriage will not be addressed early in 2009

In a stunning about face, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine says that marriage for same-sex couples will not be addressed by his administration early in 2009. In a Newark Star Ledger  interview he said issues in relation to the faltering state economy will take priority in the Governors office. Previously, Corzine had said that LGBT concerns about marriage equality would be dealt with immediately after the November 2008 elections.

The latest comment from the Governor comes after years of delays by the Democratically controlled legislature on the issue. The New Jersey Supreme Court took up the issue more than five years ago. The decision empowered the legislature to find a remedy to the inequality in the marriage laws that made it impossible for same-sex couples to be treated equally. The legislature was ordered to act by the court. It responded rather quickly with the New Jersey Civil Union Law and a state commission that studied the LGBT inequality issues after the law took effect.