Marijuana possesion needs to be dicriminalized


Casting Aspersions

Being proud of the state you live in is not that uncommon a sentiment, though such feelings often defy logic and reason. Here in New Jersey we really do have excellent cause to be proud. Even now our state is heading rapidly down the road to full equality for all citizens by addressing same-sex marriage and this in the face of the majority of states where laws have been passed against it. New Jersey has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to take a fresh look, to be ruled by common sense rather than dogma and to experiment with new ideas. It is this that has given us one of the best “quality of life” situations in America.

It is long past time we enacted serious changes in a situation that is costing the taxpayers incredible amounts of money, is pointlessly ruining thousands of lives – especially those of young people – and is an ever more serious threat to our basic civil liberties. I refer to the insane and draconian drug laws, particularly the criminalization of marijuana.